Saturday, September 08, 2012

Weekend Woof #6:
San Francisco Men Around Town

I've got a great new batch of photos of terrific San Francisco guys to share this beautiful Saturday afternoon. Previous batches of woofy man are here, here, here, here and here.

Meet Damien, who manages the front desk at the Immune Enhancement Project. He's also an excellent massage therapist who gives wonderful Reiki treatments. Many thanks to IEP's dedicated team of healing practitioners for their service to people with AIDS and anyone in need in alternative healing.

This handsome fellow was tending to the trees on Valencia Street recently. His comportment seemed native Italian in nature, so I used my rudimentary Italian on him. "I am from Turkey," was his response. So much for my ability to spot an Italian! Sorry I didn't get his name.

I don't know why Pedro, who works at Lucca's Ravioli Store on Valencia Street, wears a smock with the name Junior on it. Another one of the friendly crew at my favorite San Francisco Italian deli.

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