Thursday, September 27, 2012

'Castro Commons':
Charming Vid of an Artist in the Plaza

A reader sent this email today along with the link to this charming video, and I have to share both with you:

I'm a daily reader of the Petrelis Files and a San Franciscan living in temporary exile in Paso Robles. I just now happened upon this sweet video and immediately wondered if you had seen it too. It's not at all political, just a reminder of the simple beauty to be found on every corner of this magical place we love so, so dearly. 

Thank you, Michael, for choosing to never be silent, and for taking the necessary actions to bring to light the important stories and news that we'd not be made aware of otherwise. Oh, and the art! Let us not forget stage, theater and men! Thank you for sharing them as well. With great admiration, Drew Staffen 

Thank you, Drew, for this lovely note and bringing the terrific video to my attention, and your words of support.

What turns me on foremost about the video is the slow mode of editing and visuals, allowing me to take in the painted images and the video footage in a relaxed style and no distracting flashy camerawork. It's a new perspective of my world, as seen through the eyes of painter Wendy MacNaughton and her video and musical collaborators and I like what they see and have reflected back in their finished work.

We must have a lot of this kind of activation in Jane Warner and Harvey Milk Plaza. No need to wait for fuddy-duddy Castro Inc leaders to give anyone permission to create all sort of art in our public plazas. Anyone can put out a call to have photos or drawings displayed. Maybe conduct a sketching class or host a poetry slam with a proper sound system.

The more I think of how the friendly nudists organized their bare-butt action last Saturday by just announcing where and when to meet, have a few folks propose an action and then going for a stroll down Castro Street, and everyone love being active, the more I think the best way to reclaim the plazas is to simply gather friends and strangers. Thinks will happen once we get together with simple themes or plans.

Memo to Drew Staffen: You must return to San Francisco soon and help put on something groovy at Castro and Market Streets.

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