Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gays Protest NYT's
Pro-Christine Quinn Bias: Video
I have a follow up report from political accountability organizer Donny Moss, along with a terrific photo and video, to share about the action LGBT and allied staged at the Gray Lady that I wrote about yesterday:
On Wednesday, September 12, during the evening rush hour approximately nearly thirty New Yorkers committed to democratic principles, participated in a protest at the New York Times building on 8th Avenue in Manhattan, calling attention the paper's pro Christine Quinn bias.

We unveiled a five foot banner that says, "Is the NY Times Christine Quinn's Mouthpiece?" Our action lasted one-hour.

The Times was made aware of our concerns and picket via emails beforehand, and an estimated 200 people including editors and reporter exiting or entering the building saw us there. Many stopped to look, ask questions and take pictures.  At least a dozen people gave us the thumbs up or said, "I agree."

We had student journalists from City University of New York interviewing us. Longtime Quinn critic Louis Flores joined the demonstration as a videographer and put together a fantastic short video about the demonstration and posted it on YouTube.

From my perch across the country in San Francisco, where we could use similar actions against the SF Chronicle and its endless bias favoring Supervisor Scott Wiener, I salute the New York activists. Keep up the good work!

Be sure to follow Flores' watchdog blog Christine Quinn Sold Out for continuing accountability coverage as the City Council Speaker wages her campaign to become New York's mayor in 2013.

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