Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Woof #9:
Nude-In Pix of Dudes and a Chick

The big lesson I learned today at the third annual Castro Nude-In is just how shy, yes, shy, the overwhelming majority of nudists are at heart. You're probably thinking the blazing sun this afternoon scrambled my head, but if you spent as much time as I did cajoling, pleading and begging the unclothed to take advantage of my bull horn, you'd understand.

Before we get to the photos, let's give some well-deserved applause to Nude-In organizer and all-around sweetie-pie Mitch Hightower, for taking the lead in this important action. Mitch has skillfully stood up to the bullying of Supervisor Scott Wiener, who is considering introducing a law to ban the human body from being displayed without clothes. Wiener would be wise to finally reach out to Mitch and the nudists to begin a dialogue before going the legislative route for a solution.

On the left is Nude Woody, longtime Castro bare butt boy and waiter at Orphan Andy's, talking to Mitch during the first part of the action. Over 80 people milled about Jane Warner Plaza, clothed and nude, from noon till 12:45 pm. Mitch and I used my bull horn to welcome everyone and talk about marching somewhere.

In the hot sun of the plaza were fine, happy dudes of all shapes and shades of colors and degrees of fur, smiling and posing for cameras and fans. The third photo down is my friend Michael who operates the great SF Civic Center blog, full of cultural and political insight.

 Out of the sun, along the cool shaded area of the 17th Street sidewalk were more terrific guys enjoying the parade of penises and pussies and no shame. Yeah, there were about 5 or 6 women there in the buff. We guys gave them a few cheers for diversifying the mix of nudists. Memo to size queens who appreciate the sight of white thick cocks: The two fellas with the toned abs in the bottom photo sported the best big erections. Needless to say, a horde of horned camera-wielding homos surrounded them to praise their pricks and good-natured attitudes.


There was a twenty-minutes march down the north side of Castro Street to 18th Street, where we made a U-turn and proceeded up the south side of the street before stopping for a speak out in front of the Castro Theatre marquee. That's where I made the strongest (and successful) effort to pull nudists up to the bull horn. They made be nudists, but when it comes to speaking at a mic these folks are not natural exhibitionists. Ask anyone who was there and they'll tell you, I really worked hard to bring out the voices of the nudists. The adorable furry youngster above was my fave piece of eye candy (blush).

This lovely lass attracted lots of eyeballs - including from known cocksuckers! She couldn't contain her enthusiasm and obliged everyone's request for special poses in her leather boots and thick black belt around her abodomen, with quite a set of knockers jiggling with her every move.

A whole lotta thanks to all the fabulous people who made today's Nude-In such a memorable event. And my thanks go out to all who expressed their love of my leadership and loud mouth, working with Mitch to create the fun demonstration we all wanted.

See you at the Folsom Street Fair tomorrow. It's gonna be the best ever!



Hi Michael! Your participation made this event so much more special! It was such a pleasure working with you on this very fun and highly productive demonstration. I am so fortunate to have a friend and kick-ass fellow activist like you in my life. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and enormous contributions to the NUDE IN and to the entire community.

Unknown said...

mitch, you're making me blush! thanks for the kind words, and for all of your work promoting nudity. i had such a blast yesterday, supporting my bare-butt friends. let's chat after folsom and plan fab actions together in jane warner plaza. happy folsom to you, my queer brother!