Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Huge Rainbow Over Market Street
Stuns SF Queers for 11 Minutes 

If you believe the queen who was hailing the double rainbows that flashed over San Francisco's intersection at Market, Laguna and Guerrero Streets tonight around 7:30-ish, the vision in the sky was "a message from the Goddess". Notice there's the faintest shaft of the double rainbow on the left above the crane sticking out over the tree. Nice to see the Folsom Fair banner in the picture.

From her apartment high over the Little Hollywood laundromat, the full voiced queen loudly proclaimed, "Everyone, look at the rainbows in the sky! They're a message from the Goddess!" I was on the sidewalk under her window when I heard her voice and looked up in the sky. What else for me to do other than raise my hands up and behold the wonder before me.

A message from Judy Garland? Makes absolute queer and irrefutable sense to me. What that message was though is anybody's guess. I was there to witness this fantasia of color and cool fog and the sky at twilight with my own eyes and the lens of my camera. Everyone at that crazy corner was stunned and feeling a connection to the planet and each other. If you were holding a camera, strangers asked if you wanted them to take a photo of you with the rainbow backdrop.

My whole body felt a vast and beautiful energy emanating from the rainbow, thrilled to be alive and aware to experience this gift. Who needs Burning Man and the dust of the playa to trip out on the universe and lift? My heart's desire was found no further than my own backyard. There's no place like home in queer San Francisco.

This was snapped in front of the laundromat, a bit up from the intersection and gives you an idea of the enormity of the rainbow arc and far it stretched. All praises to our Goddess for giving me the present of this fabulous show of colored lights in the sky!

From our sacred song of hope and love:

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Yes, they do.


schnell abnehmen said...

very good post

Unknown said...

This came from my friend Isak Lindenauer:

FABULASH! I'm sorry I missed it but not, thanks to you. Love, Lily