Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weekend Woof # 5:
Sexi Papi, Blond Busker & STR8 BF

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! Hope you're enjoying yourself today, as I am in San Francisco on a sunny fantastic day. After getting up these photos, I'm off for another bike ride and picture-snapping around town. Here are more photos of guys appealing to my queer eye.

This sexy Mexican-American Papi is always sweet-talking his lady customers, but when I come along it's time to switch roles and I sweet-talk him about his big, hard wares and great smile. Papi's stall is where I purchase some of our veggies.

Dean, a young blond Dylanesque singer busking at the UN Plaza farmers' market today near Larkin Street. First time I saw him a the market. He got a donation and loud applause from me because, as I told him, he had a great twang when he sang.

My straight boyfriend Josh, sitting at Cafe Flore in the Castro more than two-years ago. We recently went on a date to eat Japanese noodles and catch "Drugstore Cowboy" at the Pacific Film Archive. Believe it or not, I'd never seen this Gus van Sant movie - until Josh invited me to see it with him. One more reason why the Goddess invented straight boyfriends - so we can watch more queer cinema in a theater setting.

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