Monday, September 17, 2012

BAR Wants Trans Pride Flag
Flown at Plaza, Ex-MUMC Prez Sez Yes

Over the past month, three people I spoke with didn't know there is a Transgender Pride Flag, pictured, just as there is the Rainbow Flag and the Leather and Bear Pride Flags. When talking about the potential of the Merchants of Upper Market Castro lowering the rainbow flag at Harvey Milk Plaza, and raising the Trans Pride flag, I was surprised some educated and smart LGBT folks either didn't know about this flag or its colors. But I digress.

This post is about Cynthia Laird, editor of the Bay Area Reporter who is married to reverend and Alameda County superior court judge and trans woman Victoria Kowalksi, and her request to the former president of MUMC Steve Adams to fly the Trans Pride flag on Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20.

From the BAR back in February:

Adams was asked if MUMC would consider flying the transgender flag in November in recognition of the Transgender Day of Remembrance. "Yes," Adams said, MUMC would consider such a request. "I think it is a great idea and one I would support. The board would have to vote on it per our guidelines, but I can help make a case for it." As a reminder, requests to fly the flag at half-staff should be submitted to MUMC's board and the proposals must have broad, diverse community support, the policy states.

Isn't that amazing, the former MUMC president was quoted saying he would help make Laird's request a reality. I fear that there isn't broad or diverse community support for raising the Trans Pride flag on November 20, given that it's not widely known such a flag exists!

Transgender Day of Remembrance is two months away, but it's not too early for Adams to keep his promise of arguing in favor of displaying the Trans Pride to his MUMC colleagues. I believe he's still a member even though no longer president.

It would be so cool to see Laird's idea for November 20 actually happen, and feed a few birds with one seed. Flying the Trans Pride flag would help us remember recently killed trans people, show solidarity with the global trans community, activate Milk Plaza for a few hours and educate the at-large LGBT community that a Trans Pride flag exists and that it's bringing trans visibility to the Castro.


Jess cOLYER said...

So sorry to hear that. And I thought SFO was supposed to be so trans friendly! Not the case in San Diego. We are flying a HUGE one for TDOR =-)

Jess said...

HILLCREST CALIFORNIA: The San Diego LGBT community will honor those killed in the face of hate and bigotry for being who they are by flying a giant Transgender Pride flag on the newly erected flag pole located in Hillcrest at the corner of University Ave and Normal St. The flag will fly at half mast and will be taken down and replaced with the traditional Pride Flag after the vigil and march that evening. The Transgender Day of Remembrance is a global vigil that is held on November 20th every year and helps to raise awareness to transgender issues around the world.