Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ann Romney Paid More for a Horse
than She Gave to Mitt's Campaign?

Curious to know if Ann Romney has made any donations to her husband Mitt's disastrous campaign to win the White House, I checked her Federal Election Commission records today and learned she has.
Back on May 15, two days before Mitt delivered his divisive and proud-to-elitist dinner speech behind closed doors in Boca Raton, Ann wrote out a check to his campaign for $75,000.

A nice chunk of change, but one that won't be anything more than a blip on her bank statements.

But according to a March look at her love of horses in the Washington Post, "some of their animals cost more than $100,000, and the Romneys continue to sink tens of thousands of dollars into year-round training and feeding, plus veterinary bills."

I'd like to know if Ann has spent more to purchase her horse Rafalca, who competed and lost in the Olympics just like Mitt will do in November's general election, but doubt the Romney's would share such financial details.

That same Post story tried to nail down some horse-related costs but, "The Romneys, through a campaign aide, declined to tally how much they spend on dressage, saying, 'We are not required to disclose this information.'"

Come November 6, just say neigh to Romney for President.

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