Sunday, July 07, 2013

Weekend Woof #46: Post Pride and Sexy Sidney

Has it really been just one-week since the Pride Parade and associated hoopla took over San Francisco for a glorious Sunday? Feels like it's been more time has transpired since last weekend and the Supreme Court gay marriage rulings seem to have come down a few moons back. The summer is just flying by, and I'm happy to present the latest batch of photos with dudes appealing to my queer eye. Thanks to all the guys for gracing the lens of my camera.

This is my friend sexy Sidney. He usually declines my offer to snap a photo of him for this photographic project, but today on Market Street he gladly posed for my camera. After the shooting session, we had the greatest catch-up-and-kvetch time. Thanks, Sidney!

Last Sunday, when the fog had rolled over Twin Peaks and was cooling off the sidewalk at Safeway on Church Street, this young man was completely oblivious to the chill in the air. Sorry I didn't grab a photo of his hand-written note on the back of his briefs. All it said was "BOTTOM" and it sure was fine!

This handsome homo was sporting Giants t-shirt's design that was new to me. I heartily approve of the design against the black cotton fabric. Next time, I have to request he remove his sunglasses to better show the shirt, and the man wearing it!

Looking for a good time? My beautiful bear friend John in his dark sunglasses was on the prowl on Castro Street last weekend, hunting for a happy homo hookup. Let's hope he got laid!

This is Moses who was at Cafe Flore with a mutual friend, and he's a total sweetie. Thanks for sharing the smile ya big sissy!
Sporting a fantastic black-and-brownish mohawk cut on Castro Street, this fine fella walked past the Castro Theater looking for a good time. Hope he found it!

When was the last time you saw a gay guy wearing Puka shells? I asked him where he got his and he replied,  "Who can remember the '70s?" I can, at least parts of the decade!

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Unknown said...

I've seen that Gigantes shirt too a couple of times and unfortunately it's connected with a corporate sports team. Someone who used to live in the Castro visited me over the past two weeks and he asked about this. His question was (he brought it up): When did Queers decide (or get programmed) to get so into corporate sports? What's that about? All this jock stuff I'm seeing around here now including some bars and the wearing of sports team's clothing (like this shirt and baseball caps). He remarked it wasn't like this here 3 years ago when he left. I just told him I think it's part of the overall category called Gay Inc. and he completely understood what I meant.