Friday, July 05, 2013

July 9 = SF Pride Accountability Day at Board of Supervisors

The Gentrification and Eviction Technologies OUT bus before the start of the June 30 SF Pride Parade.

The GET OUT contingent, with its bus, was contingent number 194 out of approximately 220 contingents.

Members of the GET OUT contingent dressed up as a Google Maps location pin and stenciled with EVICTED at the top of the costume.

The GET OUT contingent also rolled an enormous map of locations up Market Street where renters, most of them low and moderate income folks, have been evicted from in San Francisco in the past few years. More info about the group at their Heart of the City site.

The just concluded San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration was among the largest ever held at Civic Center, and carried red-hot controversy over the SF Pride organization's rescinding a grand marshal slot to WikiLeaks hero Bradley Manning. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the festivities and debates, and now is the time we must began assessing the performance of the SF Pride board and City agencies.

Tuesday, July 9 is SF Pride Accountability Day at the regular meeting of the full Board of Supervisors during public comment time, and the day is so declared by myself and two friends who will speak during that time. The agenda is posted here. The meeting begins at 2 pm and there is no set time for public comment.

Our goal is to promote a hearing convened by Supervisor David Campos, a leader in the recent effort to hold SF Pride accountable over the Manning mess and the organization's distressing financial situation, at City Hall.

My June post gave a few reasons why Campos should hold the hearing including making the annual grant of $58,000 from the City to SF Pride more transparent and to hear reports back from City agencies such as the police, public works, health and parking departments about this year's events.

I would expand the reasons why the hearing is very necessary to include the shooting of two vendors, which sent them to the emergency room at SF General Hospital, and the investigation of the incident. Be sure to read my recent letter in the Bay Area Reporter regarding a hearing at the Board of Supervisors.

Also on July 9, the board of directors of SF Pride is holding their regular general planning meeting at their office located at 1841 Market near Guerrero starting at 7 pm. My friends and I will be at this meeting, and again will use public comment to air our concerns.

One complaint I want to lodge with the board is the determination of the Parade line-up. As far as I can tell, there's no transparent process to how the line-up is arrived at and certainly no public voting on who gets what number and marches during the Parade's early contingents or is stuck at the very end.

Hope to see you at the Board of Supervisors or the SF Pride board meeting on Tuesday.


LD said...

I helped organize the anti-gentrification contingent at Pride on June 30. We are not involved in the July 9th SF Pride Accountability Day, and we ask you do not attach our work to another cause or event. We would love to hear more about what you have planned. We no nothing about it at the moment and do not wish to be misrepresented or used for this separate agenda. Thank you for understanding. Good luck with your meeting.

Michael Petrelis said...

Hi Leslie,

I don't say anywhere that your group is involved with the July 9 meetings. Your photos were used simply to show that your contingent was at the Pride Parade last Sunday. I am not misrepresenting any facts about what you contingent did nor do I say you've endorsed the accountability activism. I will leave my post up as is.