Monday, July 08, 2013

NY Corey Johnson Shares CB4 Minutes Online - A Year Late?


At the end of June, I noticed that minutes for the monthly meetings of Manhattan's Community Board 4, of which out gay Corey Johnson, pictured, is the chairman of, were missing at the CB4 site from January 2012 through April 2013. Sixteen months of no minutes? That led me to write Erica Baptiste, a staffer at CB4, asking where the minutes were. She graciously shared this info with me over several emails:

Unfortunately, the archives section of our website has not been updated - this should be updated sometime this summer. If you know which months / year you would like, I can try to get to send that to you. I will start compiling them for you and should have them to you tomorrow. 

Baptiste kept her word and soon I received PDFs of the 2012 minutes:

I have compiled the minutes -- I started in May and I am learning someone else's filing system hence the delay. In August, we do not typically have a Full Board meeting so there are no minutes from that month. 

The info continued to flow from Baptiste:

Here are the 2013 minutes. If I happened to miss something or you need anything else, please let me know.

Yesterday, I submitted questions about the sixteen months of missing minutes to Johnson's campaign team, asking why he hadn't notice this omission and if he had plans to rectify it and would he consider linking to the CB4 minutes from his campaign web site. I believe the minutes will shed much light on Johnson's activities as chair of the CB4 and provide clues as to how he might govern if elected to the City Council's District 3 seat.

Unfortunately, Johnson's team didn't reply to me but before the end of business today the CB4's archive page had been updated to include the sixteen months' of missing minutes.

Did my questions to Johnson's campaign persuade the candidate to finally address the omission? Probably so and the bottom line is the minutes are now online and New York City voters can peruse them, to learn more about Johnson's work as the board's chair.

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