Thursday, July 11, 2013

Towleroad Blog Omits $500 Donation to Corey Johnson

(Towle, left, with Johnson at the Democratic Convention in 2008. Credit: Towleroad.)

Before he was a candidate for New York City's City Council seat for District 3, out Democrat Corey Johnson was the political director for Andy Towle's blog Towleroad.

Towle today calls attention to a Johnson rival dropping out of the race and throwing his endorsement behind Johnson, according to a report in The Villager newspaper.

Nothing wrong with that, except I wish that Towle had disclosed the $500 donation he made to Johnson's campaign in June 2012, and duly recorded at the NYC Campaign Finance Board's site.

I don't have an issue with political bloggers making donations to friends and candidates seeking elected office, but think it's important for their to be transparency about the contributions when blogging about those friends and candidates.

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