Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Woof #69: Fine Straight Silver Beard Daddy

The Bay Area again was blessed with fantastic weather and I've been admiring the looks of many a man on the streets or otherwise crossing my path. Here's my latest batch of sexy fellas seen here and there, and as always a big shout of appreciation to all the boys for gracing the lens of my camera. And how was your week for dude-watching?

Each of these guys was strutting down the street when I saw them. The shirtless young one was seen at the South Van Ness and 14th Street corner building where Woody Allen set several scenes in "Blue Jasmine" outside the apartment of where Cate Blanchette crashes with her step-sister Sally Hawkins.

There were a few bears waiting in the sun late this afternoon on Church Street waiting for the sushi boat restaurant to open and begin servicing food, and this large fella had a fine muscle belly that I imagined was covered in fur the shade of gray in his bushy beard.

Say hello to one fine straight silver beard daddy, Mark, who was at the San Francisco Opera company's costume sale this afternoon. He laid eyes on me in a Russian peasant shirt, warmly smiled and asked where he knew me from. "I wish I knew you."

Minutes later I said he was so sexy and friendly I had to snap photos of him, as he kept grinning trying to think of where he's seen me. Mark introduced me to his female companion, whom he described as his life-partner, and I told her I wanted to share her man. "OK, with me and he's a real sweetie." "Can I clone him?"

Chatting about how Mark would end up on this blog because of his handsome looks, he asked what a blog was and his companion promised to tell him later, and they went on their merry way. For a straight dude and lady, they sure would cool about my lust for Mark and he loved knowing his visage would be posted to the web.

Five minutes later, he came back to ask for the address of my blog and all I had to give him was my risque sex calling-card, that made him laugh again when he read my graphic sex email address. "Contact me, Mark. Even just to chat."

Soon his woman wearing a happy and knowing look, came looking for him and I said he was coming with me as one my items from the costume sale. We all laugh and I ended the exchange telling them to read my blog.

Mark, when you read this, know that you really made this wonderful day even better. Call or email me!

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