Monday, March 24, 2014

We Were Burglarized Today, Robbers Left Big Mess

To put it mildly, I've been traumatized since coming home earlier this evening to find our apartment broken into and a serious mess. Mike is as upset aa I am and we're dealing with the aftermath of knowing a person was in our home to ransack it.

Were there two burglars? No one can say.

Computer and various electronic components and other items were stolen. Glass was broken, precious person momentos were trampled on and our sense of security violated.

Two officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrived here within fifteen minutes after we called the non-emergecy line. A report was taken and I have the case number. They're going to check with the Friends School of SF directly across the street, to see if their building has security cameras mounted on the outside and if anyting was caught on tape. The cops said I should check with the administrators, teacher, students and their parents to see if they saw any unusual activity outside our apartment this afternoon.

My friend Tate has loaned me his Mac laptop, which is how I'm able to write and publish this report and photos.

Wish Mike and I the best for getting to sleep tonight and facing the morning finishing up the cleaning. Replacing the stolen items should be too expensive or troublesome. Restoring a sense of security in our home is going to take a few changes starting with installing our own security cams, to monitor our apartment and hopefully prevent another burglary.

Here are a few photos of the mess the robbers left, before we cleaned up the apartment.

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Patsy said...

I am so sorry to hear about this Michael!