Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SF Police: New Probe of Other Chronicle Pee-n-Poop Pix

To recap, there's an investigation underway by Sgt. Anthony Damato of the San Francisco Police Department over my complaint that the Chronicle's staff photographer Lea Suzuki violated the penal code barring taking pictures in public restrooms. 

She snapped two pictures of homeless women changing clothes in the main library public restroom that ran on March 9, including this one.

Separate from that are the images her colleague Michael Macor took of homeless men, including images of guys on toilets behind metal doors or at a urinal, that appeared in the paper on October 3, 2013. Another violation of 647(j)(1) and one that I requested be investigated by the police in a fresh complaint filed last week. 

That complaint brought forth this reply today from Sgt. Damato:

I have been assigned these new allegations against the Chronicle. I have all the emails that you have provided to the Chief's office, and will enclose them in the original case file. Please keep me updated on any information that you believe may be helpful.  I will be out of the office next week, but please feel free to keep me updated through email.

Let's see if either investigation turns up evidence of any crimes. Rest assured, I'm staying in touch with the sergeant.

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