Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bored Sup. Campos Ignores Honor for Park Volunteers: Video

This past Tuesday's weekly meeting of the Board of Supervisors was rife with the members' usual disrespect for the public. As always, there is no set time for public comment unlike the health, police and other commissions that allow the public to speak either as item 2 or 3 on the agenda or at a set time. The members take their time backslapping each other celebrating their birthdays, making long-winded comments with no time limits and almost as afterthought allow public comment.

During his time for commendations, birthday boy Sup. John Avalos bestowed a certificate of recognition on a group of volunteers who tireless work to maintain the beauty of McLaren Park and the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater on the grounds.

As you see in this video, two of Avaolos' colleagues were way more interested in their computers and in the case of assembly candidate David Campos, he stared intensely as his smartphone and ignored the volunteers who were being honored.

I didn't capture the main volunteer's comments after Avalos spoke, but a transcript of her words sheds important info:

This was truly a collaborative effort. I appreciate being called up here, but I want you to just take a look at all the volunteers. And this is only a handful of the ones that could get off work or could be here today.

So, some of these incredible people who put in endless hours of altruistic volunteering in one of our City's fabulous parks lost pay from their jobs in order to come to City Hall and Campos can't be bothered to give them his full attention for a few short minutes.

Here's a radical idea for assembly candidates Sup. David Chiu and Campos, to win the good government voting bloc's support in November. Propose and fight for a set time for public comment at Tuesday's meetings, if only so people who have to take off time from their jobs can be there to speak. Oh, and call upon yourselves and your colleagues to show a modicum of respect for the folks honored with commendations and those who speak during public comment.

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