Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Woof #68: Thick 70s P0rn Moustache 

With the warm weather and bright sunshine this week, there have been so many adorable guys out and about that my camera-snapping finger has been very busy capturing the fellas on my memory card. Okay, even if it were cold and raining in San Francisco, I'd still find dudes attractive to my queer eye. And how was your week for checking out the fellas?

This guy I believe is a construction manager on one of the Market Street construction sites and was even more hunky moments before I took this shot when he had his black hardhat on.

 A couple of hunky inked men checking out their smartphones as I check them out.

Two smooth dudes and no ink, well, at least none visible in these photos.

Sure, all of the dudes are fine to look at but this thirty-something furry-faced fella with his small tummy really appealed to my eye so I'm posting several pix of him. Is this the best 70s porn moustache seen around the Mission this week, or what?

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