Sunday, March 02, 2014

Can You Guess San Francisco's New City Bird?

The crane, of course! The proliferation of the construction crane species of the metallic variety across so many sections of town is why it's our new City bird.

Here is a piss-colored one towering over the former Triple A building on Van Ness Avenue at Oak Street that dwarfs the Fox Plaza complex in the lower right. The Van Ness high rise, btw, is being converted from office space into residential units.

In the Castro, this red-hot and cold-gray crane overhangs Market Street looking up toward Sanchez Street. As with so many of this flourishing breed of construction cranes, the new condos at that intersection are priced almost as high as these skyscraping machines.

Here's the blue-and-white construction crane in a flaccid pose, which is not usual to the species, near Market and 8th Streets. Just last year, that breeding ground for the cranes was crowded with them as the two newly-finished condos in the background were being built.

Does anyone know when this invasive flock of birds will move on to another habitat?


Rusty said...

A building contractor friend of mine says that he thinks San Francisco's construction "bubble" will burst about a year from now.

But I think these kinds of things are fundamentally unpredictable. That's why you can find economists and financial "experts" on every possible side of any economic question.

SFLee said...

Very Clever! Luv it!