Monday, October 17, 2016

Which BART Hopeful's Biggest Donor = 'Dark Money' Conway?

How's this for lack of govt transparency? There apparently is no San Francisco or state law requiring candidates for BART's board of directors make their financial disclosures available online.

Local election finance laws mandate BART candidates file disclosures with the San Francisco Board Elections and that agency makes the information available on paper at their City Hall office. 

That's where I obtained my opponent Gwyneth Borden's California Form 460, containing her donors' info up to September 24th. There were no disclosures available from Bevan Dufty's campaign.

What caught my eye in Borden's papers was the $2,500 contribution from tech titan and City Hall influence-wielder Ron Conway. He is her largest individual donor and lists his address, presumably where he also will be voting this election season, in Belvedere-Tiburon.

There needs to be a law enacted forcing the Department of Elections and the Secretary of State to post all financial disclosures of San Francisco BART candidates on their sites.

It says much about what is wrong with City Hall and Sacramento, maybe BART too, that we cannot follow the money online of the District 9 race.

Here the page from Borden's disclosures documenting Conway's gift:

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