Monday, October 24, 2016

SOTF: Supes Peskin & Wiener Violated Open Govt Laws

When it comes to adhering to San Francisco's public records statutes, the leading liberal and conservative members of the Board of Supervisors are political peas from the same pod.

Aaron Peskin and Scott Wiener were both found guilty by the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force of violating open government laws when they failed to produced files I had requested.

For Peskin and his legislative aide Lee Hepner, a leader of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, they simply refused to either identify any responsive records found and adamantly opposed providing any files or assistance to comply with my request. So much for Peskin and Hepner practicing sunshine principles.

On the other hand, Wiener just took his sweet old time locating and producing responsive records.

It says a lot about how these supervisors have common anti-transparency ground, not all that different from some of their board colleagues and other public servants at City Hall.

I extend deep thanks to the volunteer citizens who sit on the SOTF for their service to local democracy and govt transparency. We need all supervisors to respond, as required by law, to all immediate requests for public records.

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