Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Election Dept Win: Online BART Pols Disclosures 29 Days Out

Who says you can't lobby City Hall and score a major open govt victory, and within hours too? Not to mention 29 days before Election Day. Pretty amazing turnaround in the midst of the election.

Me to John Arntz, pictured, the head of the San Francisco Department of Elections, emailed this morning:

"I am formally requesting that you immediately include info on your web site telling voters how to access the Form 460 for BART candidates Bevan Dufty and Gwyenth Borden.

"After much hunting, I learned yesterday that your agency received the forms but doesn't post them online, nor do you inform folks at your site that the forms at your office and how to obtain them.

"Govt transparency requires action on your part now to make this info widely known. When can you post a notice telling folks the Form 460's are at your office? Please reply by the close of business today. Thanks."

The excellent news, making it possible for voters and others to follow the money of BART candidates, from Arntz sent this afternoon:

"I appreciate your sending this message regarding these forms. I think you make a good point about providing notice that the forms are available in this office. I agree that we can place a notice on our website tomorrow, although I don’t know the specific time by which this will be done. Thanks."

A reminder. I'm not raising funds for this race so there is no need for me to file a Form 460. Very curious to learn tomorrow how much my opponents have raised and from whom.

Heaps of gratitude to John Arntz, Gregory P. Slocum and Matthew Selby for such rapid expansion of transparency at City Hall!

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Gary Virginia said...

Great work Michael!