Saturday, October 01, 2016

SFMTA's Grimy ADA Mats Harm Pedestrian Safety at BART Plaza

The following letter has been sent to Ed Reiskin, the head of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. It's quite a challenge keeping tabs and requesting services from all the various entities that have responsibility for the BART plazas under scrutiny and their immediate vicinity:

Dear Ed Reiskin,

My personal safety was jeopardized yesterday while walking on public property you are responsible for properly maintaining at 16th and Mission Streets.

Yesterday, I slipped on the greasy yellow rubber ADA mat at the western BART plaza of this transit hub, but thankfully didn't fall and hit the pavement. I had been walking at the slimy sidewalk cement and pigeon-poop covered street pavement before nearly taking a spill.

As you can see from the photos, the City's infrastructure has not been thoroughly washed, vigorously scrubbed and adequately sanitized at all four corners of the 16th and Mission intersection for quite some time.

While I'm not shocked Supervisor David Campos and BART's District 9 director Tom Radulovich have allowed the surfaces of the public spaces at this location to become health hazards in many ways, I am surprised the SFMTA hasn't sent crews to clean the area. 

In my view, all regular users of this public square regardless of income level, and our out of town visitors newly-arriving for the first time, after landing at San Francisco Airport and taking BART into the City, deserve not only better-maintained plazas but also regularly scrubbed SFMTA infrastructure. 

Therefore, I am requesting hot-water and soap scrubbing as soon as possible from your street cleaning crews of the sidewalks, street pavements and ADA bump mats at 16th and Mission Streets.

Please address my concerns before the end of next week and let me know if the SFMTA has a point-person to monitors all of your property at this transit hub.


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