Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mike + Mike: Together for 6 U.S. Presidential Races

Our Sunday afternoon was spent enjoying the sounds of the 8,000-plus pipe organ at the home of the San Francisco Symphony, Davies Hall.

The organist for Notre-Dame de Paris, Vincent Dubois, delivered a stunning concert for a very appreciative audience. Our ears are still ringing with the beautiful music he played.

Mike and I tuned in to the grudge match presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in the evening, and medicated on 420 throughout the slug-fest. Who knew watching the corrupt two-party American experiment with democracy collapse on live TV could be so much fun!

During the show, I counted up the number of presidential elections Mike and I have experienced together since we became a queer couple in 1995:

1. Clinton vs Dole
2. Gore vs Bush vs Nader
3. Bush vs Kerry
4. Obama vs McCain
5. Obama vs Romney
6. Clinton vs Trump vs Johnson vs Jill Stein

Six campaigns for president since we met.

All Mike said, in mock horror, was he now had one more anniversary number to remember about the longevity of our coupledom and partnership. That's one way of looking at this accomplishment!

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