Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scott Wiener's January-to-June Calendars Now Online

A complaint to the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, which I won, and three-months after I filed an immediate disclosure request is what it took to obtain these public records.  

Supervisor Scott Wiener finally released his January-to-June calendar today. It's rather skimpy in terms of who he's met with and what he discussed, but then again, that all that any supervisor is legally required to keep and release.

The wrangling and delays demonstrate yet again why we need a law mandating all City officials and electeds who are required to keep a calendar must post them at the end of every week on their govt-funded web sites.

It's ridiculous what I had to go through, again, to get a simple calendar from a City Hall leader. 

For a lawyer who worked for years in the City Attorney's Office, a department very adverse to sunshine compliance, Wiener sure knows how to dawdle when an IDR is filed with him. Immediate equals three months.

Let me know what piques your interest in these monthly Wiener calendars:

June 2016 (partial)

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