Saturday, October 22, 2016

City Won't Repaint Faded Yellow 16th Street Crosswalks

San Francisco's Vision Zero campaign to eliminate all traffic and pedestrian deaths on our streets needs to consider overturning the decision to not apply a fresh coat of paint to the darkened, faded or totally erased yellow crosswalk stripes at 16th and Mission Streets.

My service request for repainting the stripes at this busy intersection was rejected this week. The SF311 Twitter account, where I sent my request a few weeks ago, informed me recently that my request was denied.

To my eyes, pedestrians, car drivers and bicyclists all need a clear visual demarcation of where the crosswalks began and end at 16th and Mission Streets, to prevent harm and improve public safety.

A little bit of paint would go a long way to make us all safer at this four-way intersection.

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