Friday, October 07, 2016

Castro Courier: Dufty, Petrelis Run for BART Seat

Robust thanks to the terrific story about my DIY Democracy effort and the race for BART District 9 seat. Written by Heidi Smith, headlined "Dufty, Petrelis Run for BART Seat" and only focused on Bevan Dufty and myself as candidates with deep links to the Castro gayborhood, our opponent Gwyneth Borden's name was not mentioned at all.

Here's my favorite passage:

"Pigeon poop was the catalist for Petrelis' BART campaign. In 2012, he got the health department to clean up Harvey Milk Plaza [of poop and pigeon-abatement] . . .

"Due to his numerous complaints about the [16th Street] plaza, the bird droppings have been cleaned up and new pigeon spikes have been installed.

"'The problem with the current system is that it is a complaint driven maintenance plan. That needs to change,' Petrelis said.

"If elected, Petrelis proposes to reopen the public toilets at 16th Street and hire the homeless to staff them. He also wants to activate the plazas with pop-up bike repair, small vendor shops and meet-and-greet sessions with the District 9 director in attendance."

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