Monday, October 17, 2016

Huge Trash Pickup at BART's 16th Street Plaza

Last week, I made another in a continuing series of service requests for removal of any and all debris from BART's public spaces at 16th and Mission Streets. I want to nudge the agency to fulfill its maintenance responsibilities, since it's clear to me cleanup is more frequent when complaints are lodged with management.

As Mike and I exited the 16th Street station last night, coming home from a wonderful afternoon seeing "It Can't Happen Here" at Berkeley Rep, we chatted with this friendly BART janitor.

She explained the large bin of debris in the plastic bags contained the garbage collected just on Sunday afternoon. It's trash from all of the station's trash cans and whatever boxes and such left at the plazas.

We thanked her for doing her duties and providing sanitation upkeep, and for taking a few moments to have a productive conversation.

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