Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Paint the BART Plaza's Pedestrian Crosswalks Bright Yellow!

The quite faded formerly bright yellow pedestrian safety stripes at the four crossings at BART's 16th Street Plaza desperately need a fresh layer of paint. 

I've again filed a service request over a simple and basic public safety need with SF311 via Twitter. Using this method of communication with the City's service center creates a digital trail, making for easier accountability. 

It's shameful that this incredibly busy transit hub, with many modes of transportation used to pass through it, hasn't received attention from the City's Vision Zero program.

Keeping pedestrians safe while crossing 16th and Mission Street, and all persons riding over the pavement in a vehicle or riding a bike, needs serious upgrading. Next up is my service request for the City to slap bright red paint designating no parking on the curbs.

My requests get assigned a number and the service request is routed to the proper City department, with all of my complaints processed mostly satisfactorily in a short amount of time.

Vote for zealous Petrelis for BART board!

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