Friday, October 14, 2016

Public Works' Major Bird Poop Removal, ADA Mats Cleaned

We all have Darryl Dilworth to thank for a tremendous scrubbing of pigeon poop from the four corners at BART's 16th Street Plaza, and the grime removed from the ADA bump mats. 

He's a supervisor with Public Works' street and environmental services, who promised us on our group walk-through yesterday that his crew would power-wash the sidewalks and street pavement near Muni's bus shelter, and hose down the disabled mats.

Dilworth and his crew delivered these services in less than twenty-four hours after the promise was made.

This is one more terrific example of how the managers and crews of Public Works are taking care of their property and responsibilities at BART's plaza, and taken to do BART's janitorial tasks that the transit agency is not providing.

I learned yesterday that every inch of sidewalk surrounding the BART entrances in their land, except for the red lip curb which is City property. 

In other words, the areas around the Muni shelters are supposed to be power-washed by BART but they have not been doing that, as we all can plainly see in recent months and years. 

The side-by-side photos document the major improvement for public health and public safety, thanks to Darryl Dilworth and other workers and managers at Public Works. I'm all too happy to give praise to any public agency and it's personnel when they pitch in to make BART's 16th Street Plazas better environments for all users.

Now, if only we could get BART to do it's fair share of maintenance and scrubbing,  and regularly too, these vital public spaces would be more inviting and safe.

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