Monday, October 03, 2016

Viewing Stats of BART's Board Meetings Are How Low?

Seeing how there either isn't even one rider or member of the public, or if there is the number is in the single-digits, at BART's board meetings held at 9 am on Thursdays, I requested data on views of the meetings.

BART TV airs the meetings live via their web page and anyone can view the archived meetings on-demand at their leisure.

Communications director Alicia Trost last week provided me with the viewing stats since January, either for living airings or archive views. Sadly, the numbers are quite low. 

I believe on both fronts, public participation at meetings that should be scheduled in the early evening hours, and increasing viewership through broadcast of the meetings on SFGov TV and all the cable and online media platforms of all county and city governments served by BART.

BART directors have a duty, in my view, to better educate and engage the riding public about their work.

On average, there are about 140 views of any given BART meeting. Considering there are over 400,000 daily riders, that low triple-digit statistic needs to grow larger.

Here's the information I requested from Trost:

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