Sunday, October 09, 2016

Public Works & BART: Pedestrian Safety Improved at 16th St

What's the latest news stemming from recent service requests of mine to upgrade conditions 16th and Mission Streets? 

This week a crew from San Francisco Public Works power-washed the eight grimy and slippery ADA yellow mats at the corners of the intersecting streets. You can now see the bright color previous hidden under a layer of dirt!

BART also had a crew out covering the two open holes where trees once stood at the eastern plaza, near Wells Fargo. Now, instead of risking tripping over the holes, a solid metal plate is welded to the sidewalk grating with yellow safety stripes glued on.

The side-by-side photos show more public safety, and enhanced environmental beauty, thanks to my campaign related to this critical public space and transit hub used by thousands daily.

Are you ready to vote for me for the BART board? Early voting starts on Tuesday and I'd be honored to receive your vote.

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