Thursday, October 20, 2016

BART Boss Crunican's Tour of 16th St. Plaza Confirmed?

This is the latest information regarding my effort to have BART's general manager, Grace Crunican, take a walk-through with me at their 16th and Mission station and public spaces so I can show her my concerns and explain a few ideas I have for continued betterment of the plazas.

The emails from her aides confirm a tour takes place in November and I look forward to engaging with Crunican and other BART managers.

Allow me to note BART's leaders have used the agency's personnel resources and infrastructure to actively campaign for the $3.5 billion bond measure on the ballot. So, for them to claim my candidacy for the BART board's District 9 seat is reason to avoid a tour in October is quite amusing.

The bottom line is the general manager and others are soon enough coming to 16th and Mission Streets to start their engagement with me. Pretty impressive for one activist to accomplish, on top of the tour last week with 11 folks from six public agencies.

Vote for zealous Petrelis!

-----Original Message-----
From: Anjelica Dill-James <>
To: mpetrelis <>
Cc: Paula Fraser <>; Roy Aguilera <>
Sent: Wed, Oct 19, 2016 5:02 pm
Subject: RE: Tour

Hello Mr. Petrelis,
I hope your day is well.
I understand our Assistant General Manager of External Affairs, Kerry Hamill, addressed your concerns and request for a tour in the email below. I was simultaneously in the process of working with the GM on the possibility of arranging a tour. As promised, I wanted to get back to you today and let you know that we also determined that a tour with our staff would not be possible for the reason Mrs. Hamill indicated. I apologize for any misunderstanding and hope that we can accommodate the tour after the election as she suggested. In arranging this tour please contact Paula Fraser, cc’d on this email, in mid-November.
Best Regards,
Anjelica Dill James
Assistant to the General Manager
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
300 Lakeside Drive, 23rd Floor
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 464-6065 office
From: Kerry Hamill
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2016 2:39 PM
Cc: Alicia Trost <>; Anjelica Dill-James <>; Kenneth Duron <>
Subject: Tour
Mr. Petrelis,
BART was not able to send a representative to your tour for a few reasons:
The date didn’t work for our staff. We mentioned we would be able to do it mid-November.
You are a candidate on the ballot and it wouldn’t be appropriate to send staff to what could be a campaign event. We don’t do this for any candidates.
Our Customer Services staff have responded to your concerns – just as we would with any member of the public. Customer Services requested cleaning and maintenance staff to go out to the station to correct any issues. This work is on-going. Any other issues may be sent in and we will have staff respond appropriately.
Thank You.
Kerry Hamill
Asst General Manager, OEA

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Anonymous said...

Thank God you are running for the BART board, district 9. I am just filling up my ballot for you. Thank you!

Insofar as Bart GM and staffs' busy-ness, I suddenly got too busy voting against their call for billions handout and poor mouthing.
Reminiscing those several days when they shut down service during the strike and how they have completely ignored my calls for protection for those people with invisible disabilities entering and exiting the trains and getting seriously hurt because of the stampedes of people pushing to get on the trains.

BART GM and staff are truly busy. Keep up the fantastic work Mr. Petrelis.