Saturday, October 15, 2016

IRS 990: Robust Salaries of Human Rights Campaign Executives

They're the semi-official LGBT wing of the Democratic Party and very much part of the Washington and Clinton Inc establishments. The Human Rights Campaign recently posted their latest IRS 990 report and the pay scale of the top leaders is as robust as ever.

President Chad Griffin, who worked in the public affairs office of the White House during Bill Clinton's first term and is from Hope, Arkansas, is sure to receive a high-level appointment when Hillary Clinton is elected Commander-in-Chief.

Notice I say when, not if, not because she's a great or inspiring candidate but because that maniac Donald Trump is sure to lose his quest for the White House. Big loss looming for him. Finally.

Her chances of winning go up daily, every time he tweets or opens his mouth.

Griffin's latest salary is $438,000 and his cohorts are equally handsomely compensated. Read HRC's entire new IRS 990 filing here.

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