Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Birdman of BART Plaza

Burt Lancaster, he ain't. I've seen this homeless dude for years feeding the pigeons at BART's 16th Street plazas. He is major source of food for the birds. Even if he were to cease offering crumbs to them, which would be a good development for public health, we'd still have the creatures at the plazas.

I'm told his name is Swan. Every time I've tried to chat with him, he ignores me and I bear in mind he also has a few mental challenges.

We're never going to get the birds to migrate away but we can use all available tools to reduce their roosting areas at this transit hub. At the same time, making sure all agencies are regularly cleaning away the pigeon poop.

Don't feed the birds!

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Acgogo Acgogo said...


In Paris the had a huge problem with pigeons. They built coops for the pigeons in all the big parks and once or twice a week went around and collected the unhatched eggs and disposed of them. Voila! The number of pigeons declined significantly and no live pigeons were actually killed. The statue of poor Joan of Arc no longer has to put up with the indignity of globs of pigeon poop. - Allen Carson