Sunday, October 16, 2016

If you're voting for me, or don't live in the district but are supportive in any way of my BART campaign or sanitizing crusade at 16th and Mission Streets, please show me the digital love with retweets, shares, likes, forwards, original blog posts or tweets or awareness via Facebook,

Election season is upon us and I'm not raising any funds for this campaign, tho donations for my personal expenditures are more than welcome via PayPal to, so I can't afford ads and such.

I'm dependent on social media - AND YOU - to promote voting for zealous Petrelis!

Look who took in the chest-thumping political theatrical extravaganza of "It Can't Happen Here" this afternoon, at Berkeley Rep. This queer San Francisco couple enjoyed a date together, lasting into the evening.

Mike and I hitched a ride on BART from the ever-improving 16th Street Station to downtown Berkeley for some live culture.

There were a few too many cliches and a hopscotching narrative driving "It Can't Happen Here" to make for a truly satisfying time.

What was terrific were the brief arguments and speeches about economic and social inequality, wonderful sets and creative staging, and an earnest cast hitting all the right notes.

Mike and I used my BART campaign posters and Berkeley Rep's props at their photo booth in the lobby for this great picture of two pansies still here and queer, and in love.

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Acgogo Acgogo said...

Hi Michael!

Yes, I just voted for you by early voting. I know you will be conscientious and do a great job! Good Luck on the campaign.

- Allen Carson