Sunday, April 07, 2013

Weekend Woof #35: Appealing to My Queer Eye

It's the weekend, so it's time to share photos of fellas of a woofy nature for one reason or another to my queer eye. Many thanks to the dudes for either smiling for my camera, or in the case of the last one, jogging again on Market Street without a tee shirt.

This handsome young man is Anthony and I simply adore his beautiful smile. He works at Safeway on Church and Market Streets and is a reader of this blog. Anthony was so friendly he made my day and glad I got on his checkout line instead of using the self-checkout machines.

Say hello to adorable Drew, with his intensely playful eyes who is another reader of this blog. We chatted on the street on Easter Sunday about lots of AIDS issues before he went on his merry fairy way to the Hunky Jesus contest in Dolores Park, which was rained out.

Oh, not him again. Yep, it's the smooth young muscle guy I've seen numerous times getting some exercise on Market Street and showing off his built bod. I doubt I'd recognize him with a shirt on, I'm so used to seeing him bare-chested!

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