Sunday, April 28, 2013

Court Date, Monday at 1:30 PM; Elected Official Emails Me

My legal hassle with an elected official is in its sixth-month and on Monday, April 29th at 1:30 PM, my lawyer Derek St. Pierre and I will again appear before Superior Court Judge Sam Feng. Usual place, Hall of Justice, usual Department 17 courtroom on the second floor.

Yes, this matter continues to take up the time of numerous sheriff's deputies, the staff at the District Attorney's office and Judge Feng, and when May rolls around this week, if no resolution is reached tomorrow, we'll be our seventh-month of clogging up the criminal justice system.

In related news, I continue to receive unwanted communication from the elected official pursuing this criminal case. Who would have thought the elected official would be able to bring this charge against me and continue to send me emails, which contain invitations to his events including an upcoming birthday party.

Check this out.

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