Friday, April 12, 2013

Supervisor (& Lawyer) Faces Ethics Complaint

Ignorance of disclosure laws applicable to elected officials and mayoral-appointed law enforcement officials appears to be trending ever-upwards.

Alleging violations of such laws, I've filed complaints with the Ethics Commission against District Attorney George Gascon, ex-DA and current-state Attorney General Kamala Harris, progressive Supevisor John Avalos, and in the case of Police Chief Greg Suhr, a complaint with the commission and another with the Office of Citizens Complaints.

The tardiness of gifts of travel and other items being disclosed and in some instances how the disclosure has not been properly made on a city agency's web site, are the building blocks of the complaints that I hope teach a much-needed lesson to these public servants that they must adhere to the law.

A complaint was filed today with the Ethics Commission over Supervisor Mark Farrell, pictured, whose bio touts his tenure as a lawyer at several firms prior to being elected, because of his overdue gifts of disclosure filing with the commission submitted yesterday.

He disclosed accepting a $2,000 trip to Cork, Ireland, from March 17 thru 19, 2013. The law is clear that he was supposed to file the disclose before he traveled, which is why I've asked for an investigation.

As with the other complaints, I'll post updates as they become available.

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