Friday, April 26, 2013

DA's Calendar: 217 Media Interviews, 101 Pressers

Thanks to our sunshine laws, I was able to obtain select daily calendars from Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and District Attorney George Gascon in electronic format.

A fairly typical few days from Mirkarimi's calendar, above, includes much detailed info about all of his activities, in and out of the office especially who he meets with from his department, where they meet and for how long.


For Gascon, a fairly typical week from his calendar, above, is quite devoid of such details as Mirkarimi provides.

I've pored over Gascon's calendar from April 17, 2011, through March 31, 2013, and added up the activities and events on his schedule.

His office has scheduled 101 press conferences about assorted high-profile cases, and a handful of the pressers have been joint events with Mayor Ed Lee or Sen. Mark Leno.

He's attended 210 such events as speaking before business and neighborhood groups, Rep. Nancy Pelosi's annual New Year's party, marching in local parades, testifying at City Hall budget hearings or Sacramento public safety meetings, making remarks at dinners and receptions, and panel appearances.

At 217, the majority of events on his calendar are media interviews or semi-annual press breakfasts organized by his office or media roundtables, for which lists of attendees are omitted. Here's the breakdown of Gascon's media interviews given to each outlet and press outreach events:

SF Chronicle:

KGO Radio:

KTVU, Univision:
15 each (30 combined)

District Attorney Office media roundtable (no specifics):

SF Examiner:

12 each (24 combined)


Associated Press, KTSF
7 each (14 combined)


Neighborhood Press Roundtables (no specifics):

Bay Guardian, Channel 42, KALW, KPIX, LA Times, NBC Bay Area, SF Magazine, Sing Tao:
4 each (28 combined)

BAR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Recorded, Time, World Journal:
3 each (18 combined)

District Attorney Office press breakfasts (no specifics):

CNN, Daily Journal, KRON, NY Times, Wall Street Journal:
2 each (10 combined)

Australian TV, Bay Area News Group, Bar Association Newsletter, Bay Citizen, Daily Breeze, Forbes, El Tecolote, Gil Gross, KKSF, MSNBC, Murray Productions, NPR, Rolling Stone, Sacramento Bee, WBLZ, Western Edition, SF State University students:
1 each (17 combined)

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