Monday, April 22, 2013

Mayor's Last Gift & Donor Disclosure Was How Long Ago?

Mayor Ed Lee, in accordance with state and local laws, maintains a page, pictured, disclosing gifts and the donors behind them and the last time it was updated was about 21-months ago.

Seems an awfully long time to go without a single disclosure, so on Friday I asked the Ethics Commission to open an investigation into whether the mayor has made all the legal required disclosures since July 19, 2011. As the investigation proceeds, I'll provide updates from the commission.

In related news, the mayor filed amended gifts of travel disclosure forms for his trip in March to Ireland and the one to China. Both amendments report a slight decrease in the amount of the trips.

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Unknown said...

$1,200 worth of liquor for "Official Office Meetings" at two restaurant on the same day (01.28.11)? What? They drink on the job? I can think of no other job where one is allowed to consume $1200.00 of booze in one day during work hours. That must be some meeting and to have the taxpayers pay for their alcoholic consumption! Even at restaurants the servers are not allowed to drink on the job/during work hours. Cranberry juice or tap water would have been much cheaper.