Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NAPWA Accountability When? Director in Paris, France?

If there has been an ounce of accountability in the corruption and demise of the National Association of People With AIDS, I haven't seen it. It's been more than two-months since NAPWA went out of business and declared bankruptcy, and none of the myriad questions about what led to the group's demises have been addressed.

However, Michael Kaplan and his AIDS United group in Washington bestowed honors on NAPWA in late February, as reported by Greg Milward at his USAHIV blog, showing that AIDS Inc has no interest in delivering accountability over this debacle to PWAs.

An anonymous tipster left this comment at my blog recently:

I've heard some interesting information you might be able to verify. I have heard about the Maryland State Attorney [General's]investigation but I recently heard that the subject of the investigation, Frank Oldham, has fled the country and is now in Paris, France. Is this true? 

The only addy I had for Oldham sent back an automated note saying the email was undeliverable, and I don't know if this info is genuine or how to verify it. Make of it what you will.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Frank Oldham is not in Paris. He has appeared at Health HIV, along with former board members and staff of NAPWA including Judi Billings, Stephen Bailous, 
Robert Caldwell, Randal Lucero, James McCullough, Mimi Minier, David Sheon
. They are starting a new group Pozitively Healthy. Guess their work is not done. Maybe they can bring down Health HIV too.

Anonymous said...

Godspeed to Frank and crew in bringing down HealthHIV.