Monday, April 29, 2013

Bradley Manning: Grand Marshal, Not Court Martial!

Last night I met with friends to strategize about our rally tonight at the SF Pride office, requesting that Bradley Manning be reinstated as a Grand Marshal of the LGBT parade in June.

During the meeting I heard this slogan, which is the most fabulous slogan I've heard in years and should be adopted far and wide on blogs and posters:

Bradley Manning: Grand Marshal, Not Court Martial!

One of the points I intend to make at the rally at 5 PM at the SF Pride office at 1841 Market near Guerrero, is to express genuine gratitude to the leaders of this group especially the board president Lisa Williams.

Yes, gratitude because Williams and her cohorts have handed us queer Bradley Manning supporters a golden PR opportunity on a silver platter to bring attention to his pending court martial and what led to his arrest and prosecution.

Hope to see you at the rally!

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