Tuesday, April 02, 2013

April Fools: Prank Posts on Campos, HRC & DA's Charge

Several years back, a friend in New York City who is more skeptical than I called and was upset that a certain gay web site was bought out for a couple of million dollars by the Huffington Post. I quickly went to the site, saw the post boasting about the money that was now in the bank of the site's owner and like my friend, I wondered what the hell the Huffington Post executives saw in it making it worth millions.

I forget how long it took for us to realize we were reading the post about the sale on April 1st, but between the two of us queer skeptics one might think we would have caught on sooner to the prank. We eventually had a round of healthy laughs about being fooled. Happens to the best of us!

That said, I must confess that my posts about Supervisor David Campos hyphenating his name with Milk and dropping the San Francisco International Airport name change, Chad Griffin of HRC establishing a Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016 Super PAC and the local district attorney dropping his charge against me were pranks.

I hope the posts gave you reason to chuckle, if you knew they were April Fools Day prank, or if you thought they were genuine and now know they weren't that you'll find reason to smile . . . and forgive me for my foolishness!

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