Friday, April 26, 2013

Bay Guardian Can't Locate Human Rights Commissioner

Remember the blog post here a few weeks back, all about alleged threats to cut the Human Rights Commission budget if they held a public meeting in the Castro regarding the rainbow flag at Harvey Milk Plaza? There was also the matter of one HRC commissioner, Todd Mavis, demanding a hearing just on matter of the threats and what was said to the HRC director Theresa Sparks. Both of those posts were based on minutes posted at the HRC site.

On April 4, the editor of the Bay Guardian, Tim Redmond, emailed me this note:

Do you know Todd Mavis, who raised the flagpole issues at Human Rights? Having a hard time tracking him down. 

Was Redmond pursing a story? He said:

It's interesting. I will keep trying to track him down.

You would think the editor of a local weekly alternative paper would know how to contact a city agency, request communication with one of their commissioners, and chat with the guy. As April draws to a close, I'm still waiting to hear from Redmond about what happened to his outreach effort with Mavis. Something tells me the Guardian will not be writing about the evisceration of the local human rights agency any time soon.

And the beat goes on . . .

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