Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Woof #42: Furry Faces, Pals & Asian Muscle

What a fine few days it has been since my legal hassle was resolved. Last night, I had the best seven hours of deep sleep and feel quite revivified, ready to enjoy this beautiful San Francisco Sunday starting with a new edition in this photographic series. As always, many thanks to all the dudes for either striking a pose and a smile for me, or being captured on the street by my camera.

On top is John, one of the acupuncturists who treated me this week at the drop-in clinic at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine at 555 DeHaro Street over on Potrero Hill. In his hands is a needle that soon went into my ear and brought relaxation to my nerves. Bottom photo is of Marcos, as we waited to be let in to the SF Pride office for their membership meeting.

 My friend John was sitting in the sun at Cafe Flore on Wednesday, and we chatted about all the good movies we saw at the recently-concluded San Francisco International Film Festival, before I grabbed the photo of him. And outside the cafe on the same afternoon shopping at the farmers' market on Noe Street, was my good old pal Mike displaying a smile and a two-fingered message. Hugs again to you boys!

That smooth Asian muscle guy at the Castro farmers' market sure turned a few heads and caught the attention of many queer eyes. About the only good thing from building boom blighting the Castro district is all the construction worker dudes coming into the neighborhood. These three were on their way to the building site at the triangular lot that used to be a gas station at 15th and Market Streets.

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Unknown said...

I no longer go to that Café you mentioned (CF). They were one of the major supporters of sit-lie, which I oppose. I liked the peace sign (two-fingered message).