Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Woof #44: Muscle Chub, Daddies, Tuchus, Boys

My camera has been working overtime snapping pix of attractive queer dudes all around San Francisco. Between the heatwave and the SCOTUS gay marriage decisions, oh, and the Frameline 37 film festival, there's been an abundance of men and boys parading the streets and pleasing my homo eye.

Happy Queer Liberation to All!!

Man of color with the rainbow colors walking through Jane Warner Plaza, with a cool drink in hand.

What a combo. Gray bearded man and an inked boy with bulging bicep barely contained by his tee shirt, passing each other at the plaza.

Two daddies holding hands on their way to catch a film at the Castro Theater on Friday evening.

Oy, what a lovely tuchus to appreciate on this boy seen on Valencia Street after locking up his bike.

Muscular man enjoying the sun and heat at the plaza, showing quite a basket, before finding a red metal chair to sit on and watch the crowds walking by.

At the farmers' market on Noe Street is where I saw this sexy bald muscle chub boy with his equally fine furry daddy with a hot small beer belly.

Blonde boy strolling down Market Street after checking his smartphone for messages.

A bit of advice to everyone. Be sure to slather on the sunscreen this weekend and drink lots of water, and enjoy San Francisco Pride.

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