Thursday, June 27, 2013

Surveillance Video of City Hall Restroom Incident

On October 26, 2012, gay Honduran leader Erick Martinez came to San Francisco's City Hall for a photo-op I had organized at the Harvey Milk Bust on the second floor in the Grand Rotunda, in which he received warm greetings from queer Latino/a Supervisors David Campos and Christina Olague (who was not reelected). Erick has faced death threats from Honduran military personnel and visited California seeking LGBT solidarity, which I and other activists were proud to provide him.

That was the day my legal hassle with an elected official began. This surveillance video excerpt shows what occurred in the hallway.

At the 3:48:15 mark, the elected official appears on the left of the screen on his way to the bathroom. Around 3:49:30 I walk from the right toward the bathroom. Supervisor Campos enters the screen shot from the left at the 3:50:50 point heading to the wooden bench.

My legal hassle concluded on June 13.

In a related matter, the support blog created and maintained by my good friend Todd Swindell, the WeLikeMike site, is ceasing operations. Thank you, Todd, for all of your love and assistance.

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