Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend Woof #61: Smiling Bearded Muscle Dude

We've had some hot weather in San Francisco and a few chills too this week, leading guys to either be fully bundled up, but still sexy of course, or showing some skin, always nice to see. Here's my latest batch of fine fellas who caught my queer eye recently.

Two nice examples, one ivory and the other ebony, of young dudes taking advantage of the warmer temperatures to be out and about without a jacket.

Even with their thick sweatshirts and bulky construction worker pants and jacket, these men still give off lots of attractive vibes.

Say hello to William. He didn't believe my question, "Do you work here in the vitamins section?", for one moment was genuine. Such a sexy, sweet and smart bearded muscle bear, he knew I was using it as a reason to chat with him. William was super friendly, said he's German-Italian and was looking for natural supplements at Rainbow Grocery for his body-building. Happy to pose for my camera, I asked that he smile for the second photo, but when I looked at the preview his full lips were not visible. "That was your smile?" "Yes, under my moustache!"

Many thanks, dudes, for gracing the lens of my camera.

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