Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Helping SF Police Solve a Minor Crime on Valencia Street

All I wanted while eating at the We Be Sushi restaurant yesterday afternoon was to enjoy the food and the company of the waitress and chef.

Instead, during my meal, two 25-somethings ran out without paying their bill, leaving a messy, and three employees gave chase after the culprits ran down Valencia Street to 16th Street.

Soon the waitress came back to the restaurant and asked if I would talk to the San Francisco police officers who were holding the culprits about what I witnessed. I couldn't say no since I regularly eat at We Be Sushi and like the people who work there.

Long story short, I spoke to the cops and the culprits were quickly whipping out ATM cards to pay for their meals. The photo shows the cops standing in front of the restaurant, after lecturing the 25-somethings.

Hoping my next meal at We Be Sushi is less dramatic.

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