Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Woof #60: Hardhat Sucking a Lollipop

The cold weather has dissipated this week and fine fellas are wearing tee shirts again, and I caught of few of them on the streets. With the boom of condo construction for Tech Inc leaders and workers, we have plenty of hardhat construction workers out and about, and they're practically the only benefit of so much housing b being built for techies.

I saw this gray bearded dude several times in the spring up in Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market Streets, usually doing nothing more than basking in the sunshine and enjoying the passersby. Here he in on Valencia Street waiting for the light to change.

This inked and pierced cub was waiting to purchase a ticket to last Sunday's screening at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts of Fassbinder's last film "Querelle". The film is still a mess and quite lifeless, with nary an ounce of eroticism, just how I felt when seeing it once before upon its initial release. Nice to have cub eye-candy though to please my queer eye before and after the film.

At Valencia and 20th Streets, a former gas station lot is undergoing preparation for laying the foundation of another building of high-priced condos. This construction worker was affixing screening to the fence today.

The combination of this hardhat's youthful and masculine swagger on Market Street, not to mention all that gear, sure was appealing enough, but when I saw he was sucking so slowly on a lollipop, I simply had to capture him on my camera.

And how was your week watching boys and men on the streets?

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